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Introducing: Yu-Gi-Oh! Heart of the Underdog Tournaments

A low-power, meta-razing change from the grind of the Advanced Format.

Heart of the Underdog is an alternative format for Yugioh with a custom, changing banlist. Gone from the grind is Bystial and Kashtira, banished to the shadow realm is Spright, Runick, and Tearlaments. Clearing the floor of the top 'meta' decks, Duelists have a chance to build something outside-the-box and discover other great archetypes and strategies.

Our first Heart of the Underdog event premiered with the most diverse pool of decks we've ever seen. The amount of fun had from turning otherwise non-competitive concepts into tournament-topping decks is what inspired us to add this event to our calendar monthly!

Heart of the Underdog Tournaments

Every Last Saturday of the Month at 3:00PM

at Casual Dragon Games

As the game changes, the banlist will too. View the most current Heart of the Underdog banlist by clicking below.

We'll see you out there, Duelist.


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